Camping + English Study = ?

About my work.

Now, I am in charge of planing summer classes, which start from July.

I already made some classes plans.

Then, suddenly, the boss asked me to make the English class with outdoor occasion for junior high school and high school kids.

It will be our biggest class project for this summer, and I have to make the project.

I still do not know how I can combine the camping and English class. I have some ideas, but they are not concrete yet.

Today, I’m gonna see the camping spot today to get more ideas for the class.

I wanna make very exciting class, which gives the student the memorable experience.

For that, I have to think about:  “Camping + English Study =”


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Kind to Taiwan

As I wrote in previous article, it was really nice to meet people.

The people in general in Taiwan were so good.

Even though, I didn’t speak Chinese at all, people were so kind.

For example, I went to the night market by myself to eat some snack.

I used my body language to get noodle, and I sat down the table.

One store lady came to me and took the rid on the noodle bowl for me.

One customer spoke something to me, and he showed how to eat the noodle.

I did not understand what he said, but I guessed that I should mix noodle before I eat…

My friend’s cousin took me to their parents house, which is three hours drive from Taipei.

My friends got stumps for me at each station to have a nice souvenir.

Also, they feed me and let me have great experiences in Taiwan.

I found myself very luck to experience such a great time.

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A trip to Taiwan

I really enjoyed this trip.

The biggest reason is that I met more than 15 people, and became friends.

I wish I could speak Chinese. Then I would understand them more.

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A very short diary of yesterday (Russian and English)

Writing the sentence in Russian is still very hard for me.

I took a long time to write even those two sentences…


I went to the school meeting in the Thursday afternoon.

In the meeting, I proposed the new system of learning English.


Мне был в встрече моего школы в четврг в полдень.
На зтой встрече Я проводил о новом системе по учение ангийского яэыка.

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Spanish radio program (English and Spanish versions)


(To study Spanish, I mainly subscribe a radio program.

It is free, however, it is very useful for leaning Spanish.

I started to listen the program from last September.

The program is for grammar, vocabulary, and word phrase.

Also, the story which is talked is interesting.

From April, I started to listen about Argentina’s Spanish in other program.

Their Spanish is very different from the one in Spain because of the accent.

I think it is cute, and I also wanna go to Buenos Aires if I get money.)


Para estudiar español, yo principalmente suscribo un radio programa.

Es gratis, no obstante, es muy útil para aprender la lengua españora.

Yo comencé escuchar el programa desde el septiembre en el año pasado.

Este programa es sobre la gramatica, el vocaburario, y el frase de idioma.

Además, ellos cuentos se hablando son interesando.

Desde abril, yo comencé escuchar sobre español de Argentina en el otro programa.

Ellos español es muy diferente de el español de España porque dellos accento.

Es muy lindo para mi, y quiero ir a Buenos Aires tambiém quando ahorre dinero.

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My current job

Desde ayer, yo ha teniendo que ir a la oficina para mi trabajo desde las cuatro hasta las nueve de la tarde.
Mi jefe quiere crear la programa nueva para enseñar la lengue inglés.
Anoche, empezé la clase de inglés con dos estudiantes nuevos.
Ellos comenzaban a estudiar inglés hace dos semanas en sus escuelas.
Es preciso para ellos parecer bien cuando apreader las lenguas extrangeras.
Todos prefesores tienen que hacer un ambiente agradable en las clases de lenguas.

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Una cafetería y un libro de Español

If you find any mistake in my writing,  please let me know or correct it.

I will really appreciate it.


In this morning, I went to a cafe, which is close to my house.

In that cafe, I had a donuts and cafe au leit for my snack.

I like to come to this cafe because I can get a coffee inexpensively.

If we order a coffee once, we can get another coffee for free.

Another reason for me liking this cafe is because it is walking distance from my house. It takes just 5 minutes.

After I had the snack, I read a book called “Rastro de Dios” by Monteserrat el Amo.

Do you know this story or this author?

This book is for 7 years old kids, but it is difficult for me.  I have to use my dictionary many times to understand the story.

After I will go back to my house, I will challenge to read the books from my friends.


En esta mañana, yo vine un cafetería cerca de mi casa.

En la cafetería, comí un dónut y bebí café con leche para del almuerzo.

Me gusta venir esta cafetería es que poder beber café barato.

Si pagamos para un café a vez,  podemos pedir otro café gratis.

Otra razón por la que me gusta esta lugar es porque está cerca para ir andando por 5 minutos.

Después del almuerzo, yo leía un libro español ‘Rastro de Dios’ de Montserrat del Amo.

¿Quién sabes este cuento o esta autora?

Este libro es para niños de 7 años, pero es difícil para mi. Tengo que usar el diccionario para aprenderlo a varias veces.

Después volveré a mi casa, desafiaré a leer un libro desde mis amigos.


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