To help people (Training camp for 5 days)

In Japan, we have a national self difence group instead of army.

They are specialized on the defense, like in the natural and artificial desaster.

For example, I saw many of them after the Kobe earthquake on 1995.

I happened to know they are recruiting the support members who will help the group with some skills.

I applied it, and I passed the exam to be a supporter with English language skill.

The support members are supposed to join 10 days training a year, and we can become the official supporter.

Then, if the national difense group need English-Japanese speaker at the crisis, like an earthquake, they will call me to go there.

The training has two parts; one is from today,and the other will be on Octorber.

Both are for 5 days.

In this first training, we will do some basic training, outside training, and a special diffense training with some equipment.

I don’t know much about it yet, but I am excited. I will be glad to get skills to help people.

I will write more about what happens in the training after I come back on Sunday.

The HP for the group is on


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