A step to my goal (traveling Japnese teacher)

I am a native Japanese speaker, but it does not mean I can teach Japanese correctly.

I need to study how to teach, if I am really serious.

I had thought about that for a while, and finally my study for being a Japanese teacher started.

It is an online class, and I have to study 420 hours to complete my study.

If I pass the program, I am qualified to have a knowledge of Japanese teaching.

Then, if I get some experience, I will be ready to go somewhere to teach Japanese.

My program is a bit unique, and I mainly learn how to teach Japanese in English.

I think it is very valuable if I complete the study.

Now I have two main textbook; first is the textbook which my student would use, the other is the book about how to use that textbook. I am suppose to study 10 hours (4 lessons) and send a online exam or essay about what I’ve learned.

I just started, but please let me know if you want to be my first student. I need lots of experience to teach.

In my plan, I will finish that program in 6 month. It is very intense, but it’s worth it.


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