My tool for learning language

I am usually a book person, but I think it is very valuable to learn from the sound.

Especially, for learning language, I use a IC recorder lately.

I used to listen music and language tape with iPod, but there is something wrong with my iPod. I cannot use it for a while.

In mean time, I used IC recorder instead.

I found out it really works for learning for a couple reason.

1. Simple. iPOD is very fansy tool, and we can used it with fun. Yet, IC recorder has very limited function. I got to listen my language tape only.

2. Faster play mode. IC recorder has a faster play mode, not in iPod. I usually listen my Spanish and Russian tape with 1.5 times faster. From the first, there is no problem because I felt the tape is already fast with normal speed anyway. Then, after my ear gets used to the faster speed, I feel very slow when I hear the normal speed.


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