2 things to do today. (interview and volleyball)

Today I have two big things to do.
1. I will interview some people.
My boss decided to have some Chinese class, and there are some candidates for the Chinese teacher.
I will interview some of them and check their skill.
I have experiences to be interviewed, but it is my first time to interview others.
I hope I will do good.

2. I will play volleyball tonight.
I used to play volleyball a lot, but I have 9 months break since I came back from the US.
In the mean time, I almost did not play any sports.
I guess it will take some time for me to get my shape and skill back.
Yesterday, I worked out for preparing today, and my muscle is already sore.
I see one team today, and other team tomorrow.
Then, I will decide to join them or try to find other one.
Anyway, I am so excited. My volleyball days are coming back.


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