Kind to Taiwan

As I wrote in previous article, it was really nice to meet people.

The people in general in Taiwan were so good.

Even though, I didn’t speak Chinese at all, people were so kind.

For example, I went to the night market by myself to eat some snack.

I used my body language to get noodle, and I sat down the table.

One store lady came to me and took the rid on the noodle bowl for me.

One customer spoke something to me, and he showed how to eat the noodle.

I did not understand what he said, but I guessed that I should mix noodle before I eat…

My friend’s cousin took me to their parents house, which is three hours drive from Taipei.

My friends got stumps for me at each station to have a nice souvenir.

Also, they feed me and let me have great experiences in Taiwan.

I found myself very luck to experience such a great time.


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